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CMS is an easy to install solution that gets installed directly underneath your cistern cover. The device is a waterproof, hassle-free system that is also functions as a contact-less sensor which guarantees longer life. CMS does not prevent cistern access. The device is designed for ease of use; no batteries required.

CMS provides real time readings of your cistern levels. The device is accompanied with a display unit that can be placed anywhere in your home. There is also an accompanying app that shows your readings anywhere you are. Breathe the sigh of relief knowing that even while on vacation you can view the status of your property units. This convenience proves to be beneficial, especially if you are a property manager with many units and tenants. Use CMS to refill your cistern before you run out

CMS offers a wide array of device options; from single to multi-unit, multi-property combinations. Single family home owners with one cistern can shop for our single unit device. Multi-cistern properties can shop from our multi-unit options at a bargain. The more devices you need, the better the rate! Multi-property, multi-unit options offer even better bargains. Consult with our specialist to find out more.