Frequently Asked Questions

Helping with common inquires

What happens if the connected internet becomes unavailable?

Answer: The cistern gauge automatically reconnects once internet service or device power is restored

Can my property manager view my cisterns?

Answer: Your property manager can see your cisterns as well as other cisterns in their fleet.

I have multiple cisterns, will I need a sensor for each cistern?

Answer: You will need multiple sensors once the level in each cistern changes independently from the other.

Can I review past usage and cistern levels?

Answer: A trend chart is available for each cistern.

How does the app view look if I have multiple properties with multiple cisterns?

Answer: The App view can be separated into different properties with each cistern named according to the location.

How long does it take to install?

Answer: Installation times vary depending on difficulty; however, we can complete most installs in approximately 30 mins per cistern.