Leak Detection

Avoid expensive water loss with leak detection alerts

Accidents happen, we're here to help

A stuck toilet flange, broken pipe, open faucet, or a cistern crack can cause thousands of dollars in unintended water usage. And while CMS provides real-time cistern levels in both gallons and percentages, leaks can go unnoticed, leading to waste of precious water, until the low alarm is triggered. That’s where the leak detection watchdog comes in: It constantly monitors your cisterns for unintentional water usage, identifies the leak, then alerts you of abnormal behaviors, such as sudden increases in usage.

For additional peace of mind, upgrade to continuous 24-hr leak detection.

Avoid unplanned water deliveries

Calling a water delivery truck due to an empty cistern can be extremely frustrating. Holidays, weekends, or delivery schedules can also delay timely deliveries when you need it the most. Get advanced notice on your cistern levels to schedule your delivery before it's too late.

Detect leaking pipes and faucets

Are you wondering why you constantly need water delivered although your daily schedule and usage hasn't changed? CMS monitors usage rates and trends to detect leaks that drain your cistern. A leaky pipe or faucet can quickly cause your cistern levels to plummet. Leak detection can circumvent unexpected water loss.

Around the clock monitoring

CMS can work as your cistern watchdog. CMS leak detection monitors your daily/hourly consumption levels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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